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Name Title Email Phone Number Location Department
Anderson, Serin Collections & Budget Librarian 253-692-4815 Tioga Library Building (TLB) Library
Bailey, Erika Data and Digital Scholarship Librarian 253-692-4882 Tioga Library Building (TLB) 208B Library
Bostelle, Timothy Head, Library Information Technology 253-692-4650 Snoqualmie Building (SNO) 128 Library
Bull, Alaina C Humanities and Student Success Librarian 253-692-4395 Tioga Library Building (TLB) 209C Library
Downey, Annie Associate Dean of University Libraries and Director of University of Washington Tacoma Library 253-692-4444 Tioga Library Building (TLB) 208A Library
Gabobe, Jamal Media & Visual Resources Technician 253-692-4643 Tioga Library Building (TLB) 106 Library
Gonzales, Layne Library Technician Tioga Library Building (TLB) 208H Library
Gregory, Megan Elizabeth Learning Commons and Access Services Manager 253-692-4657 Tioga Library Building (TLB) Library
Haddaway, Wade Library Technician 253-692-5746 Tioga Library Building (TLB) 208E Library
Jacobsen Kiciman, Johanna Education and Research Help Librarian 253-692-5741 Tioga Library Building (TLB) 210A Library
Monroe, Marcia Access Services Supervisor 253-692-4446 Tioga Library Building (TLB) 106A Library
Peters, Kara Operations and Strategic Programs Assistant 253-692-5745 Tioga Library Building (TLB) 208 Library
Petrich, Marisa Instructional Design Librarian 253-692-4651 Tioga Library Building (TLB) 208B Library
Pirog, Amanda Business and User Experience Librarian 2536924447 Library
Rollison, Crysta Library Technician I Tioga Library Building (TLB) 208J Library
Watson, Megan Collections Librarian 253-692-4443 Tioga Library Building (TLB) 209B Library
Williams, D'Andre Computer Support Analyst 253-692-4994 Snoqualmie Building (SNO) 128 Library
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