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Anaid Yerena, Ph.D.

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Planning, Policy, and Design
University of California, Irvine
Urban and Regional Planning
University of California, Irvine
Universidad de Monterrey, Monterrey


Anaid Yerena holds degrees from the Universidad de Monterrey (B.Arch.) and University of California, Irvine (M.U.R.P. & Ph.D.). As an architect, planner, and researcher she is interested in the public participation processes and activities related to housing and community development. Her research has a strong community-based component that provides knowledge to advocate for and empower disefranchised groups. As an undergraduate at the Universidad de Monterrey,  Mexico, she coordinated the development of the first Master Plan for the City of Montemorelos. She worked on the technical aspects of the Plan and set up a forum and interviews with local residents, these activities were crucial to building support for the Plan’s approval and implementation. While completing her Masters in Urban and Regional Planning at UC Irvine, she conducted research for the Los Angeles Legal Aid Foundation assessing potential housing sites for extremely low-income households in Long Beach, California.

Her current and future research interests fall within the domain of housing policy in the U.S. and Latin America. These interests branch into two major topics, the development of housing (process and stakeholders, emerging models, and design) and locational choice of housing (both the specific siting of projects and individuals’ choices). As a secondary area of research, she is interested in the emerging field of e-government. Her academic background, professional experience, and cross-cultural and bilingual sensitivities, all inspire her teaching approach. Her aim is to provide opportunities to students in the classroom and communities to learn about collective action and community development in cities around the world. By promoting reflection on culture and context, Dr. Yerena hopes to encourage students to remember how their backgrounds enrich their own and others’ learning experiences and professional careers. She teaches: Introduction to Urban Planning, Statistics for Urban Analysis, Housing Policy, and Research Design.

Scholarly Interests

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Selected Publications

Garcia, I., Jackson, A. Lee, A. A., Yerena, A., Greenlee, A. J. & Crisinger, B. 2021.“Feeling Like an ‘Odd Duck’: The Experiences of African American/Black and Hispanic/Latin/o/a/x Planning Practitioners.” Journal of the American Planning Association 87(3), 326-340. DOI: 10.1080/01944363.2020.1858936

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