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Yan Bai, Ph.D

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Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of British Columbia


Research Focus:
Cybersecurity, Privacy, Cloud and Edge Computing, Internet of Things, and Blockchain

Teaching Focus:
Computer Networks, Information Assurance, Computer and Network Security, Digital Forensics

Honors and Awards

  • 2016 Distinguished Teaching Award, University of Washington
  • 2015 IEEE Outstanding Service Award as Student Travel Grants and PhD Forum Chair of the IEEE CloudCom
  • 2012 UWT Outstanding Women, University of Washington Tacoma

Academic Service

  • Program Development
    • Co-Lead the development of the M.S. in Information Technology and Systems degree program at the University of Washington Tacoma
    • Worked with other faculty and founded the B.S. in Information Technology degree program at the University of Washington Tacoma, offered since Autumn 2009.
  • University Committee
    • Senator, UW Faculty Senate (2015 – 2017)
    • Council Member, UW Graduate School Council (2013 – 2016)


  • TINFO 300: Programming II for Information Technology and Systems
  • TINFO 310: Foundations of Information Assurance
  • TINFO 320: Foundations of Hardware and Software Systems
  • TINFO 330: Foundations of Web Design and Programming
  • TINFO 340: Foundations of Information Assurance
  • TINFO 350: Foundations of Information Networking
  • TCSS 371: Machine Organization
  • TCSS 430: Networking and Distributed Systems
  • TCSS 431: Network Security
  • TINFO 441: Network Security
  • TINFO 442: Computer Security
  • TINFO 490/445/443: Digital Forensics
  • TINFO 451: Routing and Switching
  • TCSS 490: Computer Forensics
  • TCSS 590: Computer Forensics
  • TCSS 590: Information and Communication Security
  • TCSS 590: Network Security and Privacy
  • TCSL 510: Principles of Cybersecurity
  • TCSL 550: Network and Internet Security
Selected Publications

 L. Wang, Y. Bai Q. Jiang, V.C.M. Leung, W. Cai, X.Li, “ Beh-Raft-Chain: A Behavior-based Fast Blockchain Protocol for Complex Networks, IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering. Publication Date: 2021

S. Roy, J. Li, B-J. Choi, Y. Bai, “A Lightweight Supervised Intrusion Detection Mechanism for IoT Networks”, Elsevier Future Generation Computer Systems. Publication Date: 2022

J. Li, S. Alian, M. S. A. Tehrani, B. Maharjan, Y. Bai, “Drone-Assisted Fog-Cloud IoT Content Service Platform for Rural Communities”, IEEE International Conference on Mobile Cloud Computing, Services, and Engineering. Publication Date: 2020