Michelle Montgomery, Ph.D.

Assistant Director
Adjunct Associate Professor
Indigenous Community & Curriculum Advisor
Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies
University of New Mexico
University of Washington Seattle
Plant Pathology
North Carolina State University
North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University

Dr. Michelle Montgomery (enrolled Haliwa Saponi/descendant Eastern Band Cherokee) is an Associate Professor at the University of Washington Tacoma, School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences in American Indian Studies and Ethnic, Gender and Labor Studies. She is also the Assistant Director for the Office of Undergraduate Education and the Indigenous curriculum and community advisor for the School of Education. Dr. Montgomery's research focuses on Indigenizing and decolonizing the climate justice narrative, environmental ethics connected to Indigenous Peoples’ identities and eco-critical race theory to eliminate racial and environmental oppression.


2017-Present Rising Voices: Climate Resilience Through Indigenous and Earth Science
2017-Present Native American and Indigenous Studies Association
2010-Present Native Research Group
2010-Present American Indian Research Association
2010-Present Indigenous Peoples Climate Change Work Group


and Courses Developed

-TEGL 201, Introduction to Indigenous Philosophy
-TEGL 202, Introduction to Contemporary American Indian Issues
-TEGL 210, Introduction to Qualitative Methodology and Research Ethics
-TEGL 301, Introduction to Indigenous Women and Feminism
-TEGL 302, Introduction to Tribal Critical Race Theory and Critical Race Theory
-TEGL 303, Introduction to American Indian Education
-TEGL 304, Indigenous Ethnoecology
-TEGL 365, Indigenous Ethnobiology
-TEGL 401, Critical and Indigenous Methodologies
-TEGL 464, Indigenous Health, Political Ethnoecology and Governance
-TEGL 306, Introduction to Indigenous Peoples of the Pacific

CV or Resume
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