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Nita McKinley, Ph.D.

Emeritus Associate Professor
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Developmental Psychology and Women's Studies
University of Wisconsin-Madison
University of Texas at Austin


Dr. McKinley is retired, but can be reached at

My area of specialization is gender and gender role development across the lifespan. I have been particularly interested in women's body experience within U.S. culture, as well as how race, social class and gender shape human development.

Current Research

I study how systems of power, including power based on gender and race and ethnicity, as well as power based on appearance, shape women's and men's body experience.


  • Lifespan Development
  • Race, Class, Gender & Development
  • Psychology of Women
  • Body Image and the Psychology of Physical Appearance
Selected Publications

McKinley, N. M. (2006). The developmental and cultural contexts of objectified body consciousness: A longitudinal analysis of two cohorts of women. Developmental Psychology, 54, 159-173.

McKinley, N. M. (2006). Longitudinal gender differences in objectified body consciousness and weight control: Cultural and developmental contexts in the transition from college. Sex Roles: A Journal of Research, 54, 159-173.

McKinley, N. M., & Hyde, J. S. (1996). The objectified body consciousness scale: Development and validation. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 20, 181-215.