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Chieh (Sunny) Cheng, RN, Ph.D

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University of Washington


Dr. Cheng’s clinical background as a RN in psychiatric and mental health nursing informs her decades of research in developing and testing evidence-based approaches for improving mental and behavioral health for school youth, individuals with early stage psychosis, and underserved population impacted by mental health conditions. Her funded projects include 1) working in partnership with communities to address youth mental health crisis; 2) developing technology platforms for delivering Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to support family caregivers of individuals impacted by psychosis; 3) exploring early warning signs of schizophrenia and developing preventive approaches; 4) developing and testing nurse care management role to mitigate health disparities for individuals with psychosis.

Scholarly Interests

• Early identification and intervention for mental health conditions
• Mental health promotion for school youth
• Technology based intervention for supporting family caregivers


• Community-based participatory methods
• Qualitative: grounded theory; content analysis
• Quantitative: randomized control trials, advanced statistical analysis
• Implementation science

Current Research

Psychosis Risk Syndrome Experience of Caregivers of Patients with Schizophrenia: A Mixed Methods Study
Developing a digital platform to deliver family intervention for psychosis
Building Community Capacity Among MultiCare, Tacoma Public Schools, and University Washington to Support Underserved Youth Well-being


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