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Matthew Ford

Assistant Teaching Professor
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Mechanical Engineering
Northwestern University
Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science
UC Berkeley


Matthew J. Ford (he/him) received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science from the University of California, Berkeley, and went on to complete his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at Northwestern University. After completing a postdoc with the Cornell Active Learning Initiative, he joined the School of Engineering and Technology at UW Tacoma to help establish its new mechanical engineering program. His teaching and research interests include solid mechanics, engineering design, and inquiry-guided learning. He has supervised undergraduate and master's student research projects and capstone design teams. He is a member of the American Society for Engineering Education.

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Selected Publications

M. Ford, P. Peng, O. Balogun. Acoustic Modal Testing of Bicycle Rims, Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation, 2018 (37) 16

Publication Date: 2018 

X. Wei, M. Ford, R. A. Soler-Crespo, H. D. Espinosa. A new Monte Carlo model for predicting the mechanical properties of fiber yarns, Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids vol. 84, pp. 325-335. (2015).

Publication Date: 2015 

Ahn, X. Chen, Z. Zhang, M. Ford, D. Rosenmann, I. W. Jung, C. Sun, and O. Balogun. Dynamic near-field optical interaction between oscillating nanomechanical structures, Scientific Reports 5, 10058 (2015)

Publication Date: 2015 

A. M. Beese, M. Ford, et. al. Key Factors Limiting Carbon Nanotube Yarn Strength: Exploring Processing-Structure-Property Relationships, ACS Nano, 2014 (8) 11. pp. 11454-11466

Publication Date: 2014 

M. Ford, S. Fatehiboroujeni, H. Ritz, E. M. Fisher, "A Low-cost Materials Laboratory Sequence for Remote Instruction that Supports Student Agency", ASEE's Virtual Conference (2021).

Publication Date: 2021 

M. Ford, S. Fatehiboroujeni, H. Ritz, E. M. Fisher, "Student Motivation and Engagement Across Time and Context Through the COVID-19 Pandemic", ASEE's Virtual Conference (2021).

Publication Date: 2021 

M. Ford, H. Ritz, E. M. Fisher, "Motivation, self-efficacy, and student engagement in intermediate mechanical engineering courses", ASEE's Virtual Conference (2020).

Publication Date: 2020 

M. Ford, H. Ritz, B. Finio, E. M. Fisher, "Multiple Choice Learning Assessments for Intermediate Mechanical Engineering Courses: Insights from Think-Aloud Interviews", ASEE's Virtual Conference (2020).

Publication Date: 2020 

M. Ford, J. M. Papadopoulos, and O. Balogun, "Buckling of the bicycle wheel", Proceedings of the 2016 Bicycle and Motorcycle Dynamics Conference.

Publication Date: 2016 

M. Ford and O. Balogun, "Analytical Model for the Radial Strength and Collapse of the Bicycle Wheel", International Cycling Safety Conference 2017, Davis, CA.

Publication Date: 2017 

J. Zhang, S. Fatehiboroujeni, M. Ford, E. Burkholder, "Assessing authentic problem-solving in heat transfer", ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition (2022).

Publication Date: 2022 

M. Ford, S. Fatehiboroujeni, E. M. Fisher, H. Ritz, A Hands-on Guided-inquiry Materials Laboratory that Supports Student Agency, Advances in Engineering Education (2023).

Publication Date: 2023