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Katherine Peter, Ph.D.

Research Scientist
Center for Urban Waters (CUW)
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Environmental Engineering
University of Iowa
Chemical Engineering
Washington University in St. Louis


Katherine (Kathy) Peter has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis and a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from the University of Iowa, and previously completed postdocs at both UW Tacoma (Center for Urban Waters) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Kathy studies water quality and contaminant fate in both natural and engineered systems, with a focus on urban stormwater and vehicle-derived pollution. She is working to develop methods that use analytical chemistry (specifically, non-targeted analysis by high-resolution mass spectrometry) to identify, differentiate, and track contaminant sources in the environment. As an active member of the Best Practices for Non-Targeted Analysis (BP4NTA) working group, Kathy is also interested in developing tools and resources that support non-targeted analysis researchers and improve reporting/data quality. Her research has been published in journals such as Science, Environmental Science & Technology, and Analytical Chemistry.

Selected Publications

Hu, X., Mar, D., Suzuki, N., Zhang, B., Peter, K.T., Beck, D.A.C., Kolodziej, E.P. Mass-Suite: a novel open-source python package for high-resolution mass spectrometry data analysis. Journal of Cheminformatics. 2023, 15 (87). 

Zhao, H.N., Hu, X., Tian, Z., Gonzalez, M., Rideout, C.A., Peter, K.T., Dodd, M.C., Kolodziej, E.P. Transformation Products of Tire Rubber Antioxidant 6PPD in Heterogeneous Gas-Phase Ozonation: Identification and Environmental Occurrence. Environ. Sci. Technol. 2023, 57 (14), 5621-5632.

Phillips, A.L., Peter, K.T., Sobus, J.R., Fisher, C.M., Manzano, C.A., McEachran, A.D., Williams, A.J., Knolhoff, A.M., Ulrich, E.M. Standardizing non-targeted analysis reporting to advance exposure science and environmental epidemiology. Journal of Exposure Science & Environmental Epidemiology, 2023, 33, 501–504. 

Hu, X., Zhao, H.N., Tian, Z., Peter, K.T., Dodd, M.C., Kolodziej, E.P. Chemical characteristics, leaching, and stability of the ubiquitous tire rubber-derived toxicant 6PPD-quinone. Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts. 2023, 25 (5), 901-911.


Fisher, C.M., Peter, K.T., Newton, S.R., Schaub, A.J., Sobus, J.R., Approaches for assessing performance of high-resolution mass spectrometry–based non-targeted analysis methods. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry. 2022, 414, 6455–6471. 


Hu, X., Zhao, H.Z., Tian, Z., Peter, K.T., Dodd, M.C., Kolodziej, E.P. Transformation Product Formation upon Heterogeneous Ozonation of the Tire Rubber Antioxidant 6PPD (N-(1,3-dimethylbutyl)-N′-phenyl-p-phenylenediamine). Environ. Sci. Technol. Lett. 2022, 9, 5, 413–419.


Peter, K.T., Lundin, J.I., Wu, C., Feist, B.E., Tian, Z., Cameron, J.R., Scholz, N.L., Kolodziej, E.P. Characterizing the Chemical Profile of Biological Decline in Stormwater-Impacted Urban Watersheds. Environ. Sci. Technol. 2022, 56, 5, 3159–3169.


Peter, K.T., Kolodziej, E.P., Kucklick, J.R. Assessing Reliability of Non-targeted High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry Fingerprints for Quantitative Source Apportionment in Complex Matrices. Anal. Chem. 2022, 94, 6, 2723–2731.


Peter, K.T., Phillips, A.L., Knolhoff, A.M., Gardinali, P.R., Manzano, C.A., Miller, K.E., Pristner, M., Sabourin, L., Sumarah, M.W., Warth, B., Sobus, J.R. The Non-Targeted Analysis Study Reporting Tool (SRT): A Framework to Improve Research Transparency and Reproducibility. Analytical Chemistry. 2021, 93 (41), 13870-13879.


Tian, Z., Zhao, H., Peter, K.T., Gonzalez, M., Wetzel, J., Wu, C., Hu, X., Prat, J., Mudrock, E., Hettinger, R., Cortina, A.E., Biswas, R.G., Kock, F.V.C., Soong, R., Jenne, A., Du, B., Hou, F., He, H., Lundeen, R., Gilbreath, A., Sutton, R., Scholz, N.L., Davis, J.W., Dodd, M.C., Simpson, A., McIntyre, J.K., Kolodziej, E.P. A Ubiquitous Tire Rubber-Derived Chemical Induces Acute Mortality in Coho Salmon. Science. 2021, 371 (6525), 185-189. 


Peter, K.T., Hou, F., Tian, Z., Wu, C., Goehring, M., Liu, F., Kolodziej, E.P. More Than a First Flush: Urban Creek Storm Hydrographs Demonstrate Broad Contaminant Pollutographs. Environ. Sci. Technol. 2021, 54 (10), 6152-6165.