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Ingrid Horakova, M.S.

Assistant Teaching Professor
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Mathematics, Physics, and Pedagogy
Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia


While teaching quantitative courses I very carefully choose what details and specifics to stress while covering material. I focus on students’ grasping new concepts and notions. I believe that without having a deep understanding of concepts, the students’ knowledge would only be superficial. I keep stressing to students that it is very important to analyze the solution of a problem, to pinpoint the main ideas behind the solution, simply to learn thoroughly the method used.

Hence, my strategy is not let the students to learn the steps leading to a solution just mechanically. Instead, I lead them to understand how the method works. The result of the learning process should be student’s ability to generalize used principles, to be able to use these principles while solving other problems. I also stress to students that solving a problem by different methods provides them with a deeper understanding of the material.


  • T12H120 - Precalculus
  • TMATH124 - Calculus 1
  • TMATH125 - Calculus 2
  • TMATH214 - Analytical Thinking
  • TCSS321 - Discrete Structures 1
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