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Political Science
Johns Hopkins University
Whitman College


My research and teaching focus on global politics. I am particularly interested in armed conflict, genocide, and the development of international law. I teach classes about political violence, human rights, and international theory.  

Current Research

My research focuses on armed conflict, genocide, international law, and humanitarian intervention. I am currently working on a book project that explores how nonhuman animals such as dogs, rats, and goats have become participants in humanitarian operations including landmine clearance and food aid. Generally, my research examines the historical invention of concepts, categories, and practices of collective violence. I am also interested in debates in political theory.


This year I will teach TPOLS 203 Introduction to International Relations, TPOLS 451 Human Rights and the Use of Force, TPOLS 360 Genocide, and new courses on armed conflict. I am also an instructor in the Global Honors program where I teach TGH490 Research Methodologies.


  • International Studies Association
  • American Political Science Association

Honors and Awards

  • Best Article in Review of International Studies Prize 2019 for "Non-human Humanitarians."
  • Honorable Mention for the 2020 Yale H. Ferguson Award, International Studies Association-Northeast