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Charles Costarella

Associate Teaching Professor
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Computer Science and Systems
University of Washington Tacoma
Computer Science
Chapman University


BSIT courses in:

  • Networking
  • Routing and Switching
  • C#.NET programming
  • ASP.NET programming
  • System Administration

Masters in Cybersecurity courses in:

  • Network and Internet Security
  • Incident Response

My regular teaching assignments here at the University usually include the following (annually):

  • Autumn: TInfo-250 Foundations of Information Networking, TInfo-451 Routing and Switching
  • Winter: TInfo-200 Programming II for ITS (C#.NET OO programming)
  • Spring: TInfo-452 Windows System Administration
  • Summer (full term): TCSL-550 Network and Internet Security, TInfo-452 Windows System Administration

Scholarly Interests

My areas of research are Honeynets, hardening Honeynets against detection by Botnets, Network defense and Cybersecurity applications of C#.NET, including secure coding and automation of security tools. I have co-authored journal and conference articles. I am faculty advisor for the campus GreyHat security group, and a member of The Honeynet Project, an international cybersecurity organization. I am a contributor to the development efforts of the IT curriculum in the areas of networking, programming and system administration, to include a Masters in IT. I have held Cisco CCNA certifications in Routing and Switching and Security as well as Network Engineering and Information Assurance Certificates from the UW's Professional and Continuing Education. I am a certified CCNA instructor and the director of SET's Cisco NetAcad. I have been programming UNIX, Linux, Vax, DOS, LEGO Mindstorms, Tandy, and Windows computers in QBasic, Pascal, FORTRAN, Ada, C, C++, Java, JavaScript, R, PowerShell, and C# since the early 1990's.