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Name Title Email Phone Number Location Department
Allen, Jaël Administrative Assistant 253-692-5752 Tioga Library Building (TLB) TLB 307C-3 Advancement
Anderson, Brian Assistant Vice Chancellor for Marketing & Communications 253-692-5755 Tioga Library Building (TLB) 307C-A Marketing & Communications
Bartolatz, Barbara Associate Director of Development 253-692-4387 Tioga Library Building (TLB) 307C-1 Advancement
Blanchard, Nathan Digital Content Specialist (Video/Photography) 253-692-4505 Tioga Library Building (TLB) 307C-20 Marketing & Communications
Burkhardt, John Director of Communications 253-692-4536 Tioga Library Building (TLB) 307C-10 Marketing & Communications
Chambers, Brian Director of Development, School of Engineering and Technology 253-692-4726 Cherry Parkes (CP) 133 F Advancement
Clark, Cody Program Coordinator 253-692-4959 Tioga Library Building (TLB) 307C-20 Marketing & Communications
Costanti, Stephen Development Services Officer 253-692-4663 Tioga Library Building (TLB) 307C-7 Advancement
Dugan, Kevin Senior Director of Development, Milgard School of Business 253-692-4359 Milgard Hall (MLG) 325 Advancement
Kitagawa, Megan Creative Director 253-692-4705 Tioga Library Building (TLB) 307C-14 Marketing & Communications
Lanthorn, Kylie Development Assistant 253-692-4932 Tioga Library Building (TLB) 307C-19 Advancement
Lawson, Chana Associate Director of Alumni Relations 253-692-5641 Tioga Library Building (TLB) 307C-8 Alumni Relations
Lopez, Diana Administrative Specialist 253-692-4753 Tioga Library Building (TLB) 307C-17 Advancement
Miller, Katy Graphic Designer (Temp.) 253-692-4505 Tioga Library Building (TLB) 307C-11 Marketing & Communications
Peterson, Ebony Events Manager 253-692-5837 Tioga Library Building (TLB) 307C-12 Advancement
Volkman, Alex Web & UX Designer 253-692-4796 Tioga Library Building (TLB) 307C-9 Marketing & Communications
Walker, Amanda Vice Chancellor 253-692-4649 Tioga Library Building (TLB) 307C-16 Advancement
Woods, James Senior Web Developer 253-692-5642 Tioga Library Building (TLB) 307C-15 Marketing & Communications
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