Margaret "Meg" Henderson, Ph.D.

Organic Chemistry
The Institute of Paper Chemistry at Georgia Tech
Chemistry, Chemical Engineering
The Institute of Paper Chemistry at Georgia Tech
Smith College

I have been teaching chemistry for over 15 years in total. Courses I have taught include introductory chemistry for non-majors, general chemistry for science majors, organic chemistry for science majors, general, organic, and biochemistry for pre-nursing students and a general chemistry prep class. Particular interests in teaching include developing active learning and group activities to promote understanding of complex concepts, using writing as a way to promote critical thinking and analytical skills and working with students with learning differences.

Prior to teaching, I worked in several industrial labs on a variety of research projects. My early teaching career occur at institutions where research was not possible. I have, however, maintained an interest in carbohydrate chemistry, the use of lignin derivatives as an alternative to petroleum-derived chemicals, and have led small student projects in the areas of organic molecules for dye-sensitized solar cells as well as a variety of environmental analyses. I have an interest in developing some of these topics further in the future.

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