Margo Bergman, Ph.D.

Associate Teaching Professor and Acting Director for MSBA
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University of Houston, Houston
University of Houston, Houston
Public Health Genetics
University of Washington, Seattle

Margo Bergman is a Senior Lecturer at Milgard School of Business, teaching economics, statistics, and data analytics. She has been faculty at Milgard since 2014. Before UW Tacoma, she worked as a Post-doctoral Fellow at the University of Washington in Seattle, Department of Biomedical Informatics. Her recent projects include analyzing factors determining genetic numeracy, CART analysis of childbearing intentions, and the neurological underpinnings of decision making.

Scholarly Interests

Research Interests:

  • Health Decision Making
  • Viral Information
  • Neurology of Decision Making
  • Patient/Provider Communication


Teaching Interests:

  • Business Analytics
  • Statistics
  • Microeconomics
  • Health Policy
Current Research

Selected Publications

  1. Bergman, MW, Goodson, P., Goltz, HH “College Students’ Risk Perceptions of Genetic Inheritance.” Frontiers in Public Health., August 2017.
  2. Goltz, HH, Bergman, MW, Goodson, P. “Explanatory Models of Genetics and Genetic Risk among a Selected Group of Students.” Frontiers in Public Health. September 2016.
  3. Turner, A. M., Bergerman, MW, Brownstein, M., Cole, K., and Kirchhoff, K. (2014). "A Comparison of Human and Medicine Translation for Public Health Practice: time, costs, and quality," Journal of Public Health Managment and Practice.
  4. Herbert, P., Taylor, L., Wang, J., and Bergerman, MW (2011). "Method for Using  Data Abstracted From Medical Charts to Impute Longitudinal Missing Data in a Clincial Trial," Value in Health, Vol. 14 Iss: 8.
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Academic Service
  • American Public Health Association (2013- Present)
  • Western Economic Association International (2011- Present)
  • Society for Computational Economics (2001- Present)
  • American Economic Association (1999- Present)
CV or Resume
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