Lisa Fleming, M.A.

Extension Lecturer - Human Resource Management
Industrial Organizational Psychology
Northern Arizona University
Psychology, Business Administration
University of Washington Tacoma


TPSYCH 209 - Introduction to Research Methods
TPSYCH 220 - Lifespan Development
TPSYCH 321 - Adolescent Psychology
TPSYCH 322 - Adult Development
TPSYCH 407 - The Cultural Context of Developmental Psychology

Study Abroad Program - Summer 2022 - The Psychology of Culture, Food, and Human Development (Co-Director Leighann Chaffee, MA)

Professional Development Center - Human Resource Management Program
HR304 - Strategic Staffing
HR305 - Training and Development

Creator and Host of the "Success in Psychology" lecture series

  • Quarterly talks designed for students
  • Goal of increasing student success during and after college
Honors and Awards

Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) 2018 LGBT Award Winner
Fleming, L., Huffman, A. H., Albritton, D., Doyle, P. (2018, April). Seeking support: Varying pathways to a trans-friendly workplace. Oral presentation at the 33rd annual conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Chicago, IL.

Max de Montel Williamson Graduate Research Award, Northern Arizona University
Fleming, L. (2018). Strengthening resilience in healthcare. Max de Montel Williamson Endowment Fund (grant funding). Psychological Sciences, Northern Arizona University.