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Anderson Nascimento, Ph.D.

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Information and Communication Engineering
University of Tokyo, Japan
Information and Communication Engineering
University of Tokyo, Japan
Electrical Engineering
University of Brasilia, Brazil

Current Research

  1. Machine learning over encrypted data
  2. Privacy in geographical information systems
  3. Secure Delegation of computations

Academic Service

  • Service to the UW Tacoma 2014- Present
    • 2014 - Present: Member of the Undergraduate CSS Committee
    • 2014 - Present: Member of the Graduate CSS Committee 
    • 2015 and 2016: Member of Search Committees in 
    • 2014: Member of the Distinguished Research Award


  1. Cryptology
  2. Computer Networks and Distributed Systems
  3. Cryptographic Protocols
  4. Network Security
  5. Computer Security
  6. Information Theory
  7. Theory of Computing
  8. Research Seminar in Cybersecurity

I have created the following courses: Information Theory; and Cryptography Protocols.

Selected Publications

Bernardo David, Rafael Dowsley, Jeroen van de Graaf, Adriana Pinto, Anderson C A Nascimento, Unconditionally Secure, Universally Composable Privacy Preserving Linear Algebra, IEEE Trans on Information Forensics and Security, 2016

Homero Oliveira Martins, Anderson C A Nascimento, QC-MDPC McEliece: an Optimized Implementation of a New McEliece Variant, IEEE Latin America Transactions, (Volume:13 , Issue: 6 ), 2015

M. Pereira, R. Dowsley, G. Hanaoka, A. C. A. Nascimento, Public-Key Encryption Schemes with Bounded CCA Security and Optimal Ciphertext Lenght Based on the CDH and HDH Assumptions”, The Computer Journal, Oxford University Press, 2015

Rafael Tonicelli. ; Anderson C A Nascimento, Rafael Dowsley ; Hideki Imai; Goichiro Hanaoka ; Akira Otsuka ; Joern Muller-Quade; Information-Theoretically Secure Oblivious Polynomial Evaluation in the Commodity-Based Model. International Journal of Information Security, Springer Verlag, 2015

Rafael Dowsley ; Joern Mueller-Quade ; Jeroen van de Graaf ; Anderson C. A. Nascimento. On the Composability of Statistically Secure Bit Commitments (invited paper). Journal of Internet Technology, v.14, pg 509-516, 2013

Nico D¨ottling, Rafael Dowsley, J¨orn M¨uller-Quade and Anderson C. A. Nascimento, CCA2 Secure Variant of the McEliece Cryptosystem, IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, v. 58, p. 6672-6680, 2012