Justin Miller-Schulze, Ph.D.

Visiting Scientist
Analytical Chemistry
University of Washington Seattle
Environmental Chemistry
University of California San Diego

Justin Miller-Schulze is a visiting scientist whose research at Urban Waters is focused on developing methods for quantification of molecular markers of anthropogenic, environmental, and biological processes. Justin's Ph.D. research was focused on the development of an HPLC-MS/MS method for the quantification of nitro-PAHs in ambient particulate matter with the goal of estimating personal exposures to diesel exhaust. Justin then was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he used source apportionment techniques to determine the relevant sources of particulate matter in Milan, Italy and Kyrgyzstan (Central Asia), in addition to developing methods for the quantification of chlorinated platinum in road dust and ambient aerosol.

Professor Miller-Schulze is on the faculty at Sacramento State University. He is an Analytical and Environmental Chemist focused on the development and/or adaption of analytical methodology to quantify chemical tracers in environmental or biological matrices. These tracer chemicals are typically small organic molecule tracers that are indicative of a specific activity (for example, caffeine in a river as a tracer of human wastewater).  Environmental and biological concentrations of these tracers are usually very low (parts-per-trillion), so quantification involves sensitive techniques such as mass spectrometry preceded by gas or liquid chromatography.