Ernesto Chavez, J.D.

Full-Time Lecturer & Pre-Law Coordinator
Office hours
1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m (MWF)
Indiana University
University of Michigan

In fall of 2017, Ernesto Chavez joined the UWT faculty as a Lecturer in Law and Policy and the campus’ new Pre-Law Coordinator. He is working with Academic Advising to create a multifaceted undergraduate pre-law advising program that helps students access diverse resources for success in law school or other legal-related careers. Prof. Chavez began his academic career at Saint Martin’s University where he taught courses in Criminal Justice and Legal Studies for six years.

During that time, he also assisted to set up the school's ethics debate program. Before academia, he spent the early part of his career as a criminal defense attorney, specializing in motion and trial practice. This year, Ernesto has initiated the Law School Application Success Series, a series designed to help students navigate through and succeed with their law school applications. The headline of the series will be UWT’s first ever slate of in-house LSAT preparation courses. Ernesto will also develop a set of programs to build students' exposure to and expertise in the various levels of the world of law and policy—from internships to clinical work to accelerated law curricula.

Research and/or Educational Specialty
Pre-Law advising, law and policy, and mock court and ethics debate


Ernesto lectures in undergraduate law and policy courses, including upper division and introductory courses.