Rajendra Katti, Ph.D.

Interim Director and Professor
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Research Associate
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Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
Washington State University
Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
Washington State University
Mechanical Engineering
University of Idaho
Mechanical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology
Academic Service

University of Washington Tacoma:

  • 2015 - Present: Interim Director, Institute of Technology.
  • 2014 - Present: CES Curriculum Committee Chair.
  • 2015: Search Committee Member, one position in CSS, four lecturer positions in CSS.
  • 2014: Search Committee Member, two positions in CES, one position in security.

Accomplishments as the Interim Director at UWT:

  • Responsible for day-to-day operations of the Institute of Technology that has 3 undergraduate programs and 2 masters programs. The Institute of Technology has about 780 students enrolled (600 undergraduate and 180 graduates)
  • Responsible for accreditation of three programs (computer science, computer engineering, and information technology)
  • Responsible for tenure, promotion, and evaluation of institute faculty
  • Responsible for creating a vision and strategic plan for the Institute of Technology
  • Responsible for holding Industrial Advisory Board meetings
  • Will be starting the BS EE program in Fall 2017
  • Improved the climate in the Institute of Technology by increasing transparency and fairness
  • TCES 230 - Digital Systems
  • TCES 312 - Electronics
  • TCES 101 & 102 - Intro to Computer Engineering
  • TCSS 540 - Theory of Computing
  • TCSS 343 - Algorithms
  • TCSS 431 - Network Security

Curriculum Development:

  1. Developed a new course in Hardware for Cryptography.
  2. Developed a Computer Engineering Curriculum for the new Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering. I now lead the effort in improving all aspects of the computer engineering program at NDSU.
  3. I have incorporated real life examples from my experience at Intel into my courses. The students have consistently remarked that this has fiven them a new perspective on the course material.
  4. I have developed five new courses in the ECE department. These are "ECE 494 Cryptography Protocols", "ECE 470 Digital Systems Testing", "Information Theory", "Cryptography Protocol Theory," and "ECE 775 Hardware for Cryptography". In these courses I give examples of my work at Intel.
CV or Resume
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