Paul Prociv, M.S.

Civic Engagement Specialist
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Educational Leadership and Service-Learning
Portland State University
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I currently enjoy guiding the student-led Center for Service and Leadership and had the pleasure of founding it with the Student Activity Fee Committee, staff and faculty input in 2015. Students create a unique and awe-inspiring power for a more just world when directly engaged with their communities! And I love it! Teaching with nontraditional community-based curriculum at Boston middle schools inspired me to take my passion to the collegiate level.

My research at Portland State University in the field of service-learning focused on curricular enhancements to student reflection in the universities largest capstone program, producing stunning qualitative and quantitative results. My passion and wish for higher education is to bring more academic perspective to student-led extra-curricular service projects and generally more hands on community engagement support to our academics.
My most recent scholarly work and presentations include strategies for building extra-curricular cultures of service and the evaluation of reflective practices within service-learning courses.


Pagano. M., Kinder, D., Kula. M., Prociv, P., Stein, M., & Yarena, A. (2016, October). Forward-Looking and Sustainable Engagement: Projects, Priorities and Strategies. Presentation at the Engagement Scholarship Consortium Conference, Omaha, NE.

Prociv, P. (2013, November). Reflection Integration and Evaluation: Informing Curricular Methods. Presentation at the International Association for Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement. Omaha, NE.

Prociv, P. (2013, April). A 20-year Partnership to Provide an Immersive Community Based Learning Course and Study its Long-Term Impact. Presentation at Campus Compact Continuums of Service Conference. Portland, OR.