Linda Hurley Ishem

Senior Lecturer Emeritus
Campus Box
Social Welfare
University of Washington
Northwestern University
Psychology and Black Studies
Wellesley College

Linda Hurley Ishem holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Black Studies from Wellesley College and a Master of Management (MBA) degree from the Northwestern University, Kellogg Graduate School of Management. In recent years, Linda served as the Director of the Pierce County, Washington, Department of Community Services, where she was responsible for operating a public Community Action Agency, and administering arts and cultural services, Housing, Community Development, and Economic Development programs.

During her doctoral studies, Linda's research focus is on examining the causes of urban neighborhood decline and the ineffectiveness of national and local revitalization policies. Linda is exploring alternative models and theoretical frameworks for neighborhood change and the creation of physically and mentally healthy African American, urban communities. Resident mobilization, economic stimulation, and strategic partnerships with universities are among the specific strategies Linda is exploring. Other interests include examining the relationship between researchers and the communities under study, as well as the academy's responsibility to ensure mutually beneficial relationships with "subject" communities.

Linda is a recipient of the two-year Bank of America Endowed Minority Fellowship, (2001 and 2004), and a National Institute of Mental Health Prevention Research Trainee, 2002.