Dan Shugar

Affiliate Faculty
Earth Sciences
Simon Fraser University
Physical Geography
University of Guelph
Physical Geography
Carleton University

I'm a geomorphologist, primarily excited about hazardous alpine, glacial and river environments, and particularly interested in how these environments respond to changing environmental and climatic conditions. I'm interested in a range of spatio-temporal scales from 'process' (e.g. sand grains moving around) to landscape, and from seconds to millennia.

Current Research

I am currently working on a number of projects, ranging from purely desk-based GIS analyses to field projects spanning several years, and in a variety of locations. Most of my projects combine fieldwork, desk-based GIS and satellite analysis, and modelling. Here's a list of some of the projects I'm working on: 
1. Mapping of geohazards (landslides, dangerous lakes etc) following the April 2015 Nepal earthquake (satellite/GIS) with a NASA-led group 
2. Reconstruction of the late Quaternary history (glacial, sea level) of the central Pacific coast of British Columbia (field, satellite/GIS, lidar, lab etc); 
3. Quantification of sediment density currents in a subarctic lake in Yukon (field, satellite/GIS, lab and numerical modelling); 
4. Evaluation of river geomorphic response to glacier melt in Yukon (satellite/GIS and numerical modelling); 
5. Mapping of landslides in coastal BC (satellite/GIS, lidar, fieldwork). 


I will be teaching courses across the geography/geology disciplines, including Physical Geology (TESC 117), Geography of the Physical Environment (TESC 243), and Geomorphology (TESC 335, new course).


I am a member of the American Geophysical Union, American Quaternary Association, Canadian Geomorphology Research Group (CGRG), Geological Society of America, and the Explorers Club.

Academic Service

I currently serve on the executive of the CGRG, and have reviewed papers for over a dozen scientific journals. Further, I have organized and chaired sessions at a variety of academic conferences.

CV or Resume
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Publication Date Bibliographic Citation

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