Charles Costarella

Full-time Lecturer
Computer Science and Systems
University of Washington Tacoma
Computer Science
Chapman University
  • Present Position
    • Sep. 2013 to present: Full Time Lecturer, Information Technology and Systems Institute of Technology, University of Washington, Tacoma, WA Delivery of ITS courses in Networking, Routing and Switching, Network Programming (C#, .Net, Java, and Python), and Cybersecurity topics in networks and system administration. In addition to my teaching I serve as advisor to undergraduate research projects in subject areas relevant to my research interests. I am a member of the University’s Executive Coucil and I serve as faculty advisor to the campus Gray Hat Group.
  • Jun. 2013 to present: Adjunct Faculty, Computer Science
    • Highline Community College, Des Moines, WA
      Delivery of CSCI 100, Survey of Computing. Covers a general survey of current hardware, software, systems software, and network technologies. Includes an introduction to programming, logic, and problem solving. Highline employs the use of a hosted software solution for course organization and grading, presentation of assignments and tests, and tools to amplify student-teacher communication and group collaboration.
  • Aug. 99 to June 2011: Adjunct Faculty, Computer Information Science
    • Antelope Valley College, Lancaster, CA
      Design and delivery of CIS111, Introduction to Programming and Algorithms using Java. This is a first semester (CS1) course taught in Java with a lecture and a lab for Computer Science majors. I have used both an “Objects first” approach and a traditional control structures delivery approach. Design and delivery of CIS113, Data Structures, a second semester (CS2) programming course taught in Java with a lecture and a lab for Computer Science majors. I have also taught intro level programming courses in QBasic and Pascal as well as Beginning and Advanced Word Processing courses using Microsoft Word. Additionally, I substituted one semester teaching a History of Rock and Roll course for a colleague.

Courses Taught at UW Tacoma:

  • TINFO 452 - System Administration
  • TCSS 101 - Computer Science Principles
  • TCSS 143 - Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming Theory and Application
  • TINFO 497 - Internship (serving as faculty advisor)
  • TINFO 498 - Directed Readings
  • TINFO 200 - Programming II for ITS (C# .NET)
  • TINFO 431 - Server Side Web Applications (ASP.NET MVC 5)
  • TINFO 250 - Foundations of Information Networking
  • TINFO 451 - Routing and Switching
  • TCSS 600 - Independent Study or Research
  • TINFO 499 - Undergraduate Research
  • TINFO 443 A – Digital Forensics (Mobile Digital Forensics)
  • TINFO 503 A – Designing and Executing Information Assurance and Cyber Security Strategies
CV or Resume
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